A Welcome And Our First Review

A few of us were talking, and wanted to come up with a way to give anonymous feedback.  Well, this site came from that discussion.  You know those stories that you sometimes read and just dread having to think of something nice?  If those stories make your skin crawl, then what you’re going to find on this site is so far beyond that, it’ll make your skin want to disown you and take root in a camel’s nether regions.

Our first entry had me laughing for so many reasons, in so little space!  It was a Hawaii Five-0 story (it’s called “Sorry, Wrong Number”) that I stumbled upon that was so poorly written, and the characters so poorly developed, I had a hard time getting past it.  What to do?  So much to make fun of, but there’s only a finite space to make fun of things (plus, I have a full time job that I need to do or they don’t pay my ass), so I cut it down to this:


Are you serious?  Do you seriously believe that Steve from Hawaii Five-0 is so weak that he’ll fucking CRY if Danny doesn’t fuck him?  Seriously?  And what’s worse than that?  I laughed so hard when I read “I’m going to make love to you” that I think I woke people up.  In Nova Scotia.  It got so bad that I started saying it at work.  I’d get this look in my eye, use a Spanish accent, look at my cubie mate, and then blurt out, “I’m going to make love to you.”  Only I don’t think I ever got through the whole sentence without busting out in laughter.

Anyway, I had to share.  And now that I have, I expect my minions to all go to work tomorrow, look at the fourteenth person they see, and say lasciviously, “I’m going to make love to you.”