This is NOT the kind of review to give someone

So if you’re a writer, you write what you want – what you know.  And what you write is a very personal choice.  And of course fanfiction writers get “paid” in feedback from their readers.  It’s how we not only survive, but thrive!

I was perusing a due South story, and found probably one of the nastiest feedbacks I’ve ever read.  I mean this person was awful!  Exact quote:

Fraser’s a horrible person to break up with Ray at Christmas and choose that immature Kowalski over Ray. I hate F/K slash, especially those written by stupid shippers who obviously hate RayV.

Excuse my language, but are you fucking kidding me?!?!?  This person read a story on their own free will, with a pairing that they already don’t like, and then insulted the author because they didn’t like the outcome!


8 thoughts on “This is NOT the kind of review to give someone”

  1. I agree. I’m a due South, and the author could have been told that it’s not in character for Fraser to choose Christmas Eve – a time that he’d want to spend with his friends and adopted family as well as his lover – as the time to break up with RayV and upset him. And that’s because the Fraser we love from the show cares about his friends,and he would still want RayV as his friend.

    But shipping does rot people’s brains, and so have the Ray Wars. I understand the RayV fans being fed up with how badly Fraser treats him in many F/K fics, and firing back.

    1. If *readers* can’t handle a ship, then they shouldn’t be reading the story!

      1. You don’t get it. The only time I can even **find** Ray Vecchio in a fic anymore is to read F/K slash that also has RayV in it! No one writes Fraser and RayV anymore without making it F/K. So I hate seeing RayV bashed in F/K fics. There are MUCH better ways to write RayV without bashing him and making him “the man who done Fraser wrong” and having Fraser act awful toward him, as he does in the fic above. I will criticize anyone who seems to be bashing RayV to make the case for F/K, or because it’s just convenient to ignore what a loving, caring friend RayV is on the show, and the fact that NOTHING indicates he’s homophobic. I think people often stereotype Catholic, Italian-American cops by writing RayV as homophobic. And that’s WRONG.

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