A Welcome And The Rules

First of all, welcome to Concrit By Night!  We’ve put this site together as a way of giving anonymous feedback to authors, in the hope that it will guide them to better writing in the future.

Here’s what we’re NOT: A site that condones personal attacks on authors.  You will never find something like, “Author X is an idiot,” or, “Y should just stop writing.”  If we see that, those comments will be stricken. We’re not here to bully or allow bullying.  ‘Concrit’ is short for ‘constructive’, folks.

What we’re here to do is to point out uninformed and unskilled writing.  Instances of:

  • Out of character behavior.   Would John Sheppard from Stargate: Atlantis declare his undying love without breaking a sweat?  Does Fox Mulder skip gayly from a room?  Will Spock declare his undying love while on a picnic?  Not just “No”, but “Hell no.”
  • Misguided word choice, and the repeated use thereof.  Do you know the difference between “lose” and “loose”?  Take Janis Joplin’s hit song, “Me and Bobby McGee”.  Love that song.  Anyway, search for the lyric, “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” (in quotation marks) on Google.com and you’ll come up with 223,000 matches.  Now add an extra “o” to “lose” and search again.  You’d expect 28 or 30 exact matches, right?  Actually there are 121,000 matches.  This is not just bullshit, it’s a crime against the English language.  1/3 of the lyrics sites out there have the misspelling.  It’s insupportable!
  • Quotation hygiene.  Improper use of punctuation distracts the reader.  It should be “I believe what he’s saying is correct.”  It shouldn’t be:
    • ‘This is NOT how it’s done.’
    • “”I’m going to need some help here.””
    • ” Why are you putting spaces there? “
    • “”””Help! I’m using too many quotation marks!””””
    • “”I know how to do this.  “I need a new quotation mark with each sentence, then I wrap them all up once I’m done!””
    • http://grammar.about.com/od/punctuationandmechanics/tp/quotemarks.htm
  • Wordsplits.  Teammate is one word.  So is intact.  Yes, there are examples (few and far between) where they are separate (“I’m not thrilled to have anyone on the team mate with me.”  “She needs remedial lessons in tact.”), they should be joined in the vast majority of instances.  There doesn’t seem to be a website to refer to for examples.  If anyone knows one, please let us know.
  • Improper use of abbreviations.  If you’re writing about a doctor, how about just using “doctor” instead of “Dr.” in your fiction?  But if one of your characters is speaking, would they actually say “2IC”?  No.  They would say, “second in command”.  We won’t call you on using “Mr.” if you are describing “It was Mr. Brown’s turn to make the coffee”, or even if you’ve got a character saying “I would like Mr. Brown to make the coffee this week, please.”  Technically, it’s not incorrect.  But overuse of it can be distracting sometimes. There is a case when it is unacceptable, however.  The rule states if the title is not immediately preceding a person’s name, it should be typed out. So it is “I’m going to the doctor.” instead of “I’m going to the Dr.”  Just please think about abbreviations you’re going to use as you’re writing.

4 thoughts on “A Welcome And The Rules”

  1. You should add “Being ignorant of canon facts without saying the fic is an AU” to the list. It’s fine to not follow canon completely if the fic is an AU, but if the fic is intended to fit in with canon, or follow canon, then the author can’t rewrite facts to fit an agenda – usually, an agenda to make two characters who are only friends in canon romantic partners. Rewriting canon to fit an agenda would include ignoring the canon romantic partners of each character, brushing aside all other important relationships (such as best friend relationship) and writing the characters as OOC to make those relationships unimportant, etc.

    1. People write fanfiction, at least in part, to be able to relate to the show better. If you only wrote canon then sites like AO3 or FF.net would barely have any stories at all. Many people like to extrapolate a relationship between two characters that may or may not exist on the show – thus all of the Steve/Bucky, Kowalski/Fraser, Myka/HG fiction that you find out there. Hell, nearly the entirety of Sherlock Holmes (BBC) fic would collapse, because the vast majority os Sherlock/John.

      But is it right to force these authors to make them say it’s an AU? Not my call, but I wouldn’t do it.

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